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Ronnie Aldrich (b. February 15, 1916; d. September 30, 1993) was a classically-trained pianist and the leader of the popular British big band the Squadronaires; he also had several hit easy listening albums in the early '60s.

Aldrich began studing piano as a child, taking lessons at the Guildhall School of Music in London. He began playing professionally in the early '40s, performing with the Folkestone Municipal Orchestra but his career was side-tracked by World War II. During the war, he played with the RAF Dance Orchestra, as well as arranging for them. After the war, the Orchestra continued performing, only with the name the Squadronaires. Under Aldrich's direction, the Squadronaires became one of the most popular big bands in Britain. Aldrich stayed with the band until 1964, when the group disbanded.

After the Squadronaires broke up, he became the musical director of Thames Television. Occasionally, Aldrich recorded an album or performed radio concerts, but he spent most of the next three decades behind the scenes.

    Erith, Kent, England
  • BORN
    February 15, 1916

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