Rondò Veneziano
Rondò Veneziano

Rondò Veneziano

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An Italian chamber orchestra, Rondó Veneziano set itself apart from many groups of similar style by not only employing mostly women musicians and making it a rule to perform in period Baroque dress, but mainly because they were able to meld traditional chamber music pieces to modern backing tracks, rhythms, and percussion lines, almost giving their classical sound a club music foundation that sometimes bordered on prog rock. Their first big break came in the United Kingdom in 1983, with the single "La Serenissima," which was followed two years later by a successful appearance providing the score to the film Not Quite Jerusalem. Their first album, a self-titled affair, was released in 1980, and was followed by more than 70 albums over the next (nearly) 30 years. In 2005, the group released a live collection entitled 25 Live.


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