Rollerskate Skinny

About Rollerskate Skinny

Named in honor of a turn-of-phrase in the J.D. Salinger classic Catcher in the Rye, the noise-pop band Rollerskate Skinny was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1992 by vocalist/guitarist Ken Griffin, guitarist Ger Griffin (no relation) and bassist Stephen Murray. After debuting with the 1992 EP Novice, the group released the ten-inch Trophy before swelling to a quartet with the addition of guitarist Jimi Shields, the younger brother of My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields. After signing to Beggars Banquet, Rollerskate Skinny issued their 1994 debut LP Shoulder Voices, followed by the EP Threshold; upon Shields' departure to form Lotus Crown, the remaining trio signed to Warner Bros. and delivered the excellent Horsedrawn Wishes in 1996. ~ Jason Ankeny

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