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Roger Eno has produced a wide variety of ambient and modern classical music, as well as film and television scores. While he initially gained notice through collaborations with his more famous older brother, Brian, Roger was formally trained as a musician, and his compositions tend to be harmonically richer -- early on, he expressed interest in making music that creates atmosphere instead of simply being atmospheric. He made his solo debut with the processed piano pieces of 1985's Voices, then began expanding his range, with string arrangements on 1988's Between Tides and an exploration of traditional British music on 1996's Swimming, which featured his own vocals. Eno has collaborated often, including work with Peter Hammill, producer Plumbline, and (as Channel Light Vessel) with Bill Nelson, Laraaji, and Kate St. John. His 2022 release The Turning Year included strings by Scoring Berlin.

    Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
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