Rocío Jurado
Rocío Jurado

Rocío Jurado

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Spanish singer/actress Rocío Jurado began performing flamenco at a very young age, debuting on-screen in 1962 with Los Guerrilleros and playing main roles in 1966's Proceso a una Estrella and 1971's Una Chica Casi Decente. After teaming with composer Manuel Alejandro, Jurado became a major Latin music star, acclaimed for "Muera el Amor" and "Senora," among other hits. Many of Jurado's albums were remastered and re-released after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004. Over the years, Jurado's recordings had brought her some half dozen platinum discs and 30 gold discs. During the final weeks of her illness, the Spanish government awarded her a Gold Medal for Merit in Work, recognizing her as one of the finest voices the country had ever produced. ~ Drago Bonacich

    Chipiona, Spain
  • BORN
    September 18, 1946

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