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German electronic composer Robert Schroeder is a highly regarded creator of ambient, often experimental soundscapes. Born in Aachen, Germany, on May 20, 1955, Schroeder first became interested in music around age 13 after receiving his first guitar. He soon began exploring experimental sounds and techniques, eventually giving up playing in 1970 to completely immerse himself in electronics and engineering.
After high school Schroeder worked in researching and developing electronic instruments, in his off hours honing his own synthesizer sound; in 1978 he signed to Klaus Schulze's Innovative Communication label, and a year later released his debut album, Harmonic Ascendant. The aptly titled Floating Music followed in 1980, and with 1981's Mosaique, Schroeder began combining electronics with live instrumentation; the follow-up, Galaxie Cygnus A, was created in conjunction with a multimedia presentation.
In 1982 Pegasus was released without Schroeder's consent; his next official release was 1983's Paradise. After returning a year later with Computer Voice, in 1985 he issued his soundtrack to the 3D film Brain Voyager. After releasing 1986's Universal Ave. as one half of the duo Double Fantasy with Charly McLion, Schroeder returned to his solo career to issue Time Waves, his most acclaimed effort to date. With 1991's Hamaja, he formed his own label, NEWSmusic; subsequent releases included 1993's Mindwalk and 1994's Everdreams.
After going on hiatus until the mid-2000s, Schroeder resumed his musical explorations and released a number of albums on the Spheric label, including 2006's Brainchips, 2007's Sphereware, and 2010's Cream. More atmospheric, lounge-ready efforts followed for the label, including 2011's Club Chil, Vol. 1, 2012's Ferro Oxid, and 2014's '80s-influenced Backspace. In 2017, the ever-prolific Schroeder delivered the ambient-sounding Velocity. ~ Jason Ankeny

    Aachen, Germany
  • BORN
    May 20, 1955

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