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Ricardo Villalobos is one of the key artists associated with microhouse and minimal techno. Although the majority of the tracks by the Chilean-German producer are pared down with small details revealed with close listening, their lissome, trippy, and elongated qualities, informed by a background in South American and Afro-Latin percussion, situate them far from the stark aggressions of Robert Hood or Richie Hawtin. Villalobos hit his creative stride with multi-purpose epic-length albums Alcachofa (2003) and Thé Au Harem d'Archimède (2004). His knack for collaboration and the reshaping of radically different music is best exemplified by his and Max Loderbauer's Re: ECM (2011). Since that project, Villalobos' discography has expanded with singles, remixes, and full-lengths like Dependent and Happy (2012) and Microgestures (2022). His parallel DJ activity includes sets at massive festivals such as Love Parade and appearances at the top of Resident Advisor's Top 100 DJs list.

Santiago, Chile
August 6, 1970