About Reprazent

Reprazent is a variable crew of vocalists, instrumentalists, and producers that has recorded and performed with drum'n'bass whiz Roni Size since 1997. That's the year when Bristolian junglist Size, signed to Gilles Peterson's Mercury-supported Talkin Loud label and already a significant figure for tracks such as "Timestretch" and "It's a Jazz Thing," debuted his group with "Share the Fall." Fronted by Onallee and co-produced by DJ Die and DJ Krust with Clive Deamer on drums, that single peaked at number 37 on the U.K. chart just prior to the release of the full-length New Forms. "Heroes," "Brown Paper Bag," and "Watching Windows," the latter two of which were distinguished with Si John's acoustic basslines, all peaked higher than the first single, and kept the album, a Top Ten hit, on the U.K. chart for nearly a full year. During that run, the multi-platinum set, which also showcased members Dynamite MC and DJ Suv and several guests, won the 1997 Mercury Prize. In the Mode arrived in 2000, with Method Man, Zack de la Rocha, and Rahzel all making guest appearances on a comparatively harder follow-up. After an extended break during which Size released solo material, the producer reactivated Reprazent with New Forms2, a 2008 release that combined re-edits of New Forms tracks and a handful of new cuts. Musicians such as Yuval Gabay (Soul Coughing), Pete Josef, and Jay Wilcox were added to the lineup for touring and festival performances. A concert for which they were supported by William Goodchild and the Emerald Ensemble was documented in 2015 with Live at Colston Hall. ~ Andy Kellman

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