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Swedish indie pop quartet Red Sleeping Beauty was formed in Stockholm in 1989 by singer Kristina Borg, singer/guitarist Niklas Angergård, guitarist Mikael Matsson of the Shermans, and bassist Carl Johan Näsström. The group debuted in early 1993 with the Marshmarigold EP Pop Sounds, followed a year later by efforts for the American label Somersault ("Seasons Change") and the Japanese imprint Motorway (the Top of the Pops EP). Red Sleeping Beauty continued their international label-hopping in 1995, issuing the Smile EP on the American imprint Sunday and turning to Spain's Siesta for the three-song Wealth of Information. After returning to Germany's Marshmarigold, the group issued its first full-length effort, Bedroom, later that same year. In the wake of the 1997 Siesta LP Soundtrack, Red Sleeping Beauty disbanded, though in 2000, Siesta released a compilation of singles, titled Singles. Angergård went on to focus his energies on his other band, the Acid House Kings, while Matsson played in the band the Charade. In 2014, the band (minus Näsström) got back together to record a cover of the Alpaca Sports song "Just for Fun" and "Merry Christmas, Marie" for the holidays. The reunion continued with the "Always" single for Shelflife in 2015 and a well-received performance at the 2016 Madrid Popfest. That same year, the trio released their first album in 19 years. Released by Shelflife, Kristina delivered all the gentle pop warmth of the band's previous work with an updated, modern sound. ~ Jason Ankeny

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