Red Rum Club
Red Rum Club

Red Rum Club

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Liverpool-based alternative/indie sextet Red Rum Club craft catchy songs with western-inspired undertones.

All six members originally played in separate bands before joining together in 2016, featuring Fran Doran (lead vocals, guitar), Tom Williams (guitar, backing vocals), Michael McDermott (guitar, backing vocals), Simon Hepworth (bass), Neil Lawson (drums), and Joe Corby (trumpet). The first time they entered the rehearsal space, many of them had not met before, although they bonded musically from the get go — aided by their extracurricular activities outside of the band, including weekly boxing sessions together. Their debut single, "Alone Together," arrived months after forming, but it was a full three years before they had written and recorded their debut album, 2019's Matador, which saw release through Modern Sky. Their sophomore LP, The Hollow of Humdrum, arrived the following October, bringing a wider palette to the group's retro-centric style.


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