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Synth-pop duo Red Flag released only one proper album for Enigma Records, but later resurfaced on their own label, Plan B Records. Brothers Chris and Mark Reynolds founded the group in the mid-'80s, and signed to Enigma for the release of their debut album, Naive Art (1989). The remix album Naive Dance -- produced in large part by Razormaid -- appeared one year later, but Enigma folded in 1991. Red Flag moved to I.R.S. later that year, but was dropped after only one release, the 1992 single "Machines." Two years later, Chris and Mark formed their own label to release The Lighthouse, a much less danceable work than previous efforts. The late nineties also saw the the release of several other albums such as Caveat Emptor in 1998, and Eagle and Child, In My Arms Again and Crypt in 2000. ~ John Bush

    Liverpool, England

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