Rebeca Jiménez

About Rebeca Jiménez

Rebeca Jiménez is a Spanish singer/songwriter whose eclectic sound is inspired by classic singer/songwriters Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, rock en español acts Nacha Pop and Radio Futura, and the electronica of Morcheeba and Portishead. Born in Segovia in 1975, the sister of actress Lucía Jiménez studied piano and music theory from a young age and began her career fronting blues-rock band Rosebund while at university. After moving to Vienna to finish her studies, she appeared in the film Shacky Carmine, released two albums with Madrid de los Austrias, and recorded an unreleased LP with David Kano under the guise of Soulsugar. After contributing to records by M-Clan, Maldita Nerea, and Quique González, she released her debut solo album, Todo Llegara, in 2008, which was followed by the sophomore outing Valiente in 2011. ~ Jon O'Brien

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