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A South Korean pop/R&B singer, WheeSung (born Whee-Sung Choi on February 5, 1982) first appeared on the K-Pop scene as part of the boy band A4. He remained with that particular outfit through the release of their first album, before leaving to pursue his own goals. As part of the promotion and management group YG Entertainment, he was able to release his first solo album, Like A Movie, in April of 2002. Wheesung released three more albums as part of YG -- It's Real in 2003, For the Moment in 2004, and Love... Love...? Love...! in 2005 -- before signing with the Orange Shock label, with whom Wheesung released his 2007 album, Eternal Essence of Music -- Wheesung 5. ~ Chris True

    South Korea
  • BORN
    February 5, 1982

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