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About Ray Miller

b. USA. Millers musical apprenticeship came as part of the six member Black And White Melody Boys in New York City, New York, USA. They featured in several New York musical productions, before Miller established a full-scale dance band orchestra in the early 20s. This featured sidemen Ward Archer (drums), Charlie Rocco (trumpet), Miff Mole (trombone), Danny Yates (violin), Roy Johnston (trumpet), Rube Bloom and Tommy Satterfield (piano), Louie Chasone (tuba), Frank Trumbauer, Andy Sinella, Billy Richards and Andy Sandolar (saxophone) and Frank O. Prima (banjo). At various times the vocalists were Irving Kaufman, Frank Wright, Harry Maxfield and the Downe Sisters. They became a highly rated musical attraction in the New York area, where Miller concentrated his activities. This included residencies at the New York Hippodrome, Arcadia Ballroom and Atlantic City. Recordings were released on labels such as Gennett, OKeh Records, Columbia Records and Brunswick Records, though by the early 30s the band had gone their separate ways.

United States

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