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About Ray Gaskins

Multi talented Ray Gaskins came up in Baltimore, MD. His gifts include singing, and proficiency on both keyboards and the saxophone. He's performed all over the world working with Roy Ayers, Stuff, Brand New Heavies, Phyllis Hyman, and Jocelyn Brown (the disco diva). Ray and Jocelyn are cousins, his sister, Barbara Gaskin sang with. Ecstacy, Pain & Passion. Barbara Gaskins still sings under the professional name of Barbara Roy. Ray moved from Baltimore to New York to play the clubs and take advantage of the many opportunities for studio work. He delighted crowds at Ronnie Scott's in New York by playing the sax and piano simultaneously, a feat that never fails to get a crowd up out of their seats. A few years ago Ray moved to London, England to take advantage of a more appreciative market. Club work for an artist with few albums as a leader was slim in the States, but booking agents overseas have kept him quite busy. He's purchased a house, and plans on staying in England for a while. His last album Shady Lane on Barracuda Records has done well in Europe, and is available in the States on Bean Bag Records. It features Ray and his touring group: Deal Earl (bass), Tony Smith (guitar), Marquis Gilmore (drums), and Clay Copas (keyboards). Cameo appearances by several guests augment the quintet. Tragedy hit Gaskins prior to moving to London, his first wife died young, and subsequently Ray went through many personal problems including drugs and gaining weight. However, that was the past, and his priorities are straight now. He's back to lifting weights, working out, and writing the songs that one day will take him to the top. ~ Andrew Hamilton