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Randy Newman

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An anomaly among early-'70s singer/songwriters, Randy Newman developed an idiosyncratic style that alternated between sweeping, cinematic pop and rolling R&B, tied together by his intelligent, biting sense of humor. Where his peers concentrated on confessional songwriting, Newman drew characters, creating a world filled with misfits, outcasts, charlatans, and con men. Though he occasionally showed sympathy for his characters, he became well known for his acidic sense of satire, highlighted by his fluke 1978 hit "Short People" and his parody of '80s yuppies, "I Love L.A." Newman's records consistently received strongly positive reviews, but he became a wealthy man by composing scores, including the Toy Story and Monsters Inc. franchises.

    Los Angeles, CA
  • BORN
    November 28, 1943

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