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British metallers Raging Speedhorn formed in the Midlands town of Corby in August 1998 as an amalgam of two bands: drummer Frank Regan and Gareth Smith (guitar) and Darren Smith (bass) were in Soulcellar and vocalist Jon Loughlin, his guitarist brother Tony, and drummer Gordon Morison played in Box. As the new band had two drummers, Regan switched to vocals.
Calling themselves Raging Speedhorn, after a slang term for a male erection induced by amphetamines, the band recorded two demos with Cubanate guitarist Roddy Stone producing. A third demo and positive write-ups in the rock press started to spread the band's name. In July 1999, Raging Speedhorn supported Ministry in London and a support tour with earthtone9 followed in November.
More supports with Will Haven, Tribute to Nothing, and Kittie were fitted in around the recording of their self-titled debut album. July 2000 saw Raging Speedhorn play their first headline U.K. tour. The album's release followed a month later to good notices in the rock and metal press.
A major European tour supporting Biohazard was followed by riotous European and Japanese dates with Amen. In May 2001, Raging Speedhorn was one of the opening bands at the U.K. Ozzfest. In June, new single "The Gush," produced by Biohazard's Billy Graziadei and Danny Schuler, entered the U.K. Top 50 and their debut album was reissued shortly afterwards. After playing the Japanese Beast Fest and the U.K. leg of the Tattoo the Planet tour, the band began recording their second album. ~ Simon P. Ward

    Corby, Northamptonshire, England
  • BORN
    August, 1998