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Radioactive Man is the primary alias of British producer Keith Tenniswood, best known as half of the acclaimed electronica duo Two Lone Swordsmen. Born in Chertsey, Surrey, England, Tenniswood began playing guitar at age nine but, as a teenager, grew increasingly interested in electronic dance music and the British club culture. Influenced by the music he heard while clubbing, he committed himself to electronic dance music and made his recording debut in 1994 in collaboration with Jason Critchell as 7 HZ, releasing a couple 12" EPs on Full Circle. Around this same time he befriended Jagz Kooner, a member of the electronica trio Sabres of Paradise, and was invited to work as a sound engineer on their 1995 tour supporting Primal Scream. Shortly afterward he began collaborating with another Sabres of Paradise member, Andrew Weatherall, as Two Lone Swordsmen (they would adopt other aliases in later years). The duo made its recording debut as Two Lone Swordsmen in 1996, releasing the full-length album The Fifth Mission (Return to the Flightpath Estate) on Weatherall's Emissions Audio Output label. Two further Two Lone Swordsmen albums (Swimming Not Skimming, 1996; Stockwell Steppas, 1997) followed on Emissions Audio Output before Warp Records signed the duo and released a series of albums including Stay Down (1998), A Bag of Blue Sparks (1998), A Virus with Shoes (1999), Tiny Reminders (2000), Further Reminders (2001), and From the Double Gone Chapel (2004). Meanwhile, Tenniswood founded a label of his own, Control Tower, in collaboration with Simon Brown (aka the Dexorcist), and he also embarked on a solo career as Radioactive Man, releasing his self-titled full-length album debut in 2001 on Weatherall's Rotters Golf Club label. Carrying on with the Radioactive Man alias, in 2003 Tenniswood released both another studio album, Booby Trap, and a DJ mix album, Fabric 08. Over the years there were also numerous 12" EP releases on Rotters Golf Club and Control Tower, along with a third full-length studio album, Growl (2008). ~ Jason Birchmeier

    Chertsey, Surrey, England

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