About R5

The teen pop-rock band R5 featured four siblings, including Ross Lynch from the Disney Channel’s Austin and Ally.

• Ross, Riker, Rocky, and Rydel Lynch moved to LA from their native Colorado to pursue showbiz careers. They soon met drummer Ellington Ratliff, who joined the band they formed in 2009.
• R5 launched a YouTube series called R5 TV leading up to the release of their 2010 debut EP, Ready Set Rock. Around this time, Ross landed a starring role on the Disney Channel show Austin & Ally, while Riker became a recurring character on Glee.
• The band signed with Hollywood Records and released their debut album, Louder, in 2013. They returned with a more mature sound on 2015’s Sometime Last Night.
• In 2018, the band announced via YouTube that they were going on hiatus, with members Ross and Ricky forming a new project, The Driver Era.

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