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About Quincy

Born into the New York new wave scene, Quincy was formed by Brian Butler (vocals), his brother Steve (guitar), Gerald Emerick (vocals, bass), Metro (keyboards), and Bob Holden (drums). After playing the club scene, Quincy released one independent single before signing to Columbia and releasing their debut album in 1980. Sounding like a perfect blend of Elvis Costello and the Attractions and the Cars, Quincy seem destined for big things. Unfortunately, it didn't happen for the band, and after trying to garner more interest, vocalist Brian Butler left the band. The remaining members changed direction and soldiered on under the name Lulu Temple. After a mini-album and a 12" single, Lulu Temple split up. Brothers Brian and Steve Butler returned with a new band, Smash Palace, in 1985 and had minor success, but didn't make a second album until 1999. The rest of the members drifted out of the music business. ~ Steve Schnee

United States of America