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Blowing up any squeaky notions about the genre of teen rap, the Los Angeles trio known as PTAF came on the scene with a series of singles, all filled with hooks, youthful exuberance, confrontational attitude, and language that would have gotten the previous generation of hip-hoppers suspended from school. Members Kandii, K Duceyyy, and Alizé first came together to form PTAF while the three were at L.A.'s Crenshaw High School in 2012 -- the name PTAF stood for "Pretty Taking All Fades" or, in other words, "Pretty, but willing to fight back." True to their name, their debut track, "Bad Ass Bitch," blew up video-sharing sites with its ratchet rap attitude and club-worthy hook, while 2013 cuts like "Do Yo Shit" and "Grimy Nigga" offered more infectious choruses to sing along, although with lyrics not suitable for mixed company. The year 2013 was also notable in that a bootleg version of "Bad Ass Bitch" uploaded to retail music merchants influenced the trio to give the single an official release, while an unauthorized remix posted by Nicki Minaj influenced Capitol Records to sign the group. Their confrontational stance and profane lyrics were just part of the whole PTAF story, as the group began 2014 not only as major-label recording artists but also as proud high-school graduates. ~ David Jeffries

    Los Angeles, CA

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