About Prairie Oyster

The Canadian Western swing group Prairie Oyster made a brief splash on the U.S. charts in the early '90s but began playing together in 1975, when they were a trio consisting of lead singer/bassist Russell de Carle, guitarist Keith Glass, and steel guitar player Denis Delorme. Initially, they toured and appeared on television but did not record; they disbanded in 1978, but in 1982 reunited along with new member John P. Allen to do some gigs. They also took on keyboardist/songwriter Joan Besen and finally, in 1986, drummer Bruce Moffett. As the new Prairie Oyster, they recorded their debut Oyster Tracks. Eventually some of their demos, recorded by Steve Berlin, made it to RCA executive Joe Galante in Nashville, who signed them after seeing the group perform. For RCA, Oyster recorded Different Kind of Fire, with guest appearances by Berlin; the first single, "Goodbye, So Long, Hello," made it to the Top 70 on the U.S. country charts in 1990. In 1991, they again won numerous kudos for their second album, Everybody Knows, and its resulting singles. They did not appeared on the U.S. charts beyond 1991, but continued to work and record in their native Canada through the rest of the '90s. String of Pearls: A Greatest Hits Collection was released on both sides of the border in 2000. ~ Sandra Brennan


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