About Poppy

The enigmatic Poppy is as much a performance artist as a singer. She’s known for her stylized, sometimes disquieting videos and off-kilter, if catchy, songs, which range in style from dance-pop to heavy metal.

• Poppy began posting videos online in 2011 and released her first official single, “Everybody Wants to Be Poppy,” in 2015. She often collaborated with the director and internet personality Titanic Sinclair until they parted ways in 2019.
• Her debut EP, 2016’s Bubblebath, was the first in a string of releases that has included three subsequent EPs, three full-length albums, and three ambient albums with titles billing them, respectively, as music to sleep to, read to, and scream to.
• Poppy’s 2020 cover of t.A.T.u’s “All the Things She Said” became her first Billboard hit. It reached No. 41 on the Hot Rock and Alternative Songs chart.
• In 2020, Poppy was nominated for a Grammy in Best Metal Performance for her song “Bloodmoney,” from her 2020 album I Disagree. The holiday EP A Very Poppy Christmas also came out in 2020.
• Her projects also include a fan website she calls Poppy.Church and a pair of graphic novels.

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