About Poppy

The enigmatic Poppy is as much a performance artist as a singer. She’s known for her stylized, sometimes disquieting videos and off-kilter, if catchy, songs, which range in style from dance-pop to heavy metal.

• Poppy began posting videos online in 2011 and released her first official single, “Everybody Wants to Be Poppy,” in 2015.
• Her debut EP, 2016’s Bubblebath, was the first in a string of releases that has included three subsequent EPs, three full-length albums, and three ambient albums with titles billing them, respectively, as music to sleep to, read to, and scream to.
• Poppy’s 2020 cover of t.A.T.u’s “All the Things She Said” became her first Billboard hit. It reached No. 41 on the Hot Rock and Alternative Songs chart.
• In 2020, Poppy was nominated for a Grammy in Best Metal Performance for her song “Bloodmoney,” from her 2020 album I Disagree. The holiday EP A Very Poppy Christmas also came out in 2020.
• Her projects also include a fan website she calls Poppy.Church and a pair of graphic novels.

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