About Pllush

San Francisco-based dream pop quartet Pllush combine hazy, driving melodies and tense, guitar-driven undertones with honest and open lyrics. Operating under the Plush moniker, the group issued a steady stream of EPs and splits before changing their name in 2018 ahead of the release of their full-length debut. All four members -- Karli Helm (vocals, guitar), Eva Treadway (vocals, guitar), Dylan Lockey (drums), and Sinclair Riley (bass) -- met while growing up in the Bay Area of San Francisco, eventually convening in 2014 to form Plush. Having many local connections, the group gained access to the Big Range recording studio. Thus, their debut EP, Pale, landed within 12 months of their formation; they followed with a mini-album in 2015, Pine. With a growing fan base, they signed to Father/Daughter Records for another EP, 2016's Please, and a split release with West Coast band Remember Sports, which arrived in 2017. As they readied their debut album, 2018's Stranger to the Pain, they altered their name to Pllush. ~ Liam Martin

    San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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