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Though they formed in 1993, the group Plastic Tree only began making waves by 1995 or so, signing with a major label by 1997. The group was built on a collection of influences, most notably British alternative bands but also including elements of the visual kei movement (characterized mostly by a touch of androgyny and heavy makeup, not unrelated to the goth, glam, or eventually emo movements in U.S. rock). Through a series of singles on a series of labels throughout the '90s and beyond, the band proved to be versatile, showing off elements of goth rock, slow ballads, power pop, metal, and punk, all with just a bit of a hook to get the attention of mainstream listeners. Consistently touching the Oricon charts with each successive album (including nearly as many compilations as originals, thanks to the label-jumping early in their career), Plastic Tree again hit the Top 10 with 2008's Utsusemi. ~ Adam Greenberg

Chiba, Japan

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