About Plaid

Since the early '90s, British duo Plaid have steadily released an innovative brand of electronic music marked by playful melodies and tricky time signatures. Comprising Ed Handley and Andy Turner, both original members of Black Dog Productions, the duo combined influences from '80s electro and Detroit techno, greatly contributing to the form of home-listening techno known as IDM. The duo came into their own after splitting from Black Dog in 1995, signing to Warp, and releasing a string of critically acclaimed albums beginning with 1997's Not for Threes (which included appearances by regular collaborators Björk and Nicolette). Plaid devoted much of the late 2000s to scoring films before returning to studio work with albums like Reachy Prints (2014) and Polymer (2019), which blended acoustic and electronic elements.

    London, England

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