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Each PJ Harvey album is an exquisite, self-contained universe driven by vivid lyrics and adventurous music. Born in Dorset, England, in 1969, Polly Jean Harvey grew up listening to folk, blues, and experimental music before honing her guitar skills in the late ’80s while playing in the band Automatic Dlamini. She released her first records, including 1993’s Steve Albini-produced Rid of Me, as part of a trio named PJ Harvey; her unflinching lyrics and raw, abrasive guitars made these albums feminist rock touchstones. Harvey enjoyed her biggest mainstream success with 1995’s genre-defying To Bring You My Love and the brash pop-rock of 2000’s Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea. Subsequent albums found her experimenting with her sound—notably on 2007’s fragile, hushed White Chalk, on which she wrote songs on piano—and lyrical content; 2016’s The Hope Six Demolition Project offered political and social critiques, while 2023’s I Inside the Old Year Dying was based on her poem Orlam.

Dorset, England
October 9, 1969
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