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Operator of the esteemed experimental label Editions Mego, Peter Rehberg mainly uses the name Pita for his solo work, which ranges from abrasive glitch and shoegaze-like noise to unsettling drone. Debuting in 1995 with a pair of collaborations with General Magic which sculpted abstract techno tracks from noises generated by refrigerators, Pita released acclaimed full-lengths such as Get Out (1999) and Get Down (2002). He also participated in notable collaborations with Christian Fennesz and Jim O'Rourke (as Fenn O'Berg), Stephen O'Malley (as KTL), and Tujiko Noriko (DACM), in addition to being a member of electro-acoustic ensemble MIMEO.
Peter Rehberg joined the Mego collective in late 1994, shortly after Ramon Bauer, Peter Meininger, and Andreas Pieper started the Vienna-based label, and eventually ran it. Employing the moniker Pita, Rehberg collaborated with General Magic (Bauer and Pieper) for the first release in Mego's catalog, the Fridge Trax 12", issued in early 1995. Shortly thereafter, a live album, Live & Final Fridge, found Rehberg again collaborating with General Magic, this time at the Interference Festival in Berlin in July 1995. However, it was Rehberg's Seven Tons for Free album that impressed many and established an esteemed reputation for the producer, who then collaborated with Bauer throughout 1996, resulting in the Faßt full-length for Touch Records (the first release in a trilogy that also includes ballt [1999] and passt [2001]). In 1999, Seven Tons for Free was remastered and re-released; it won the Distinction Prize for Digital Musics at Ars Electronica that year, garnering yet more acclaim for Rehberg. A follow-up album, Get Out, appeared later in 1999. A split EP with Kevin Drumm was released in 2001, and full-length Get Down arrived in 2002.
2004's Get Off appeared on Häpna. Mego closed at the end of 2005, and Rehberg established Editions Mego in January of 2006 in order to maintain the Mego legacy and issue new recordings. Apart from numerous collaborations and releases under his own name (including 2008's Work for GV 2004-2008), Rehberg periodically reactivated the Pita moniker. Limited LP A Bas la Culture Marchande was issued by No Fun Productions in 2007, and Colchester (a live collaboration with percussionist Z'ev) was released by Editions Mego in 2008. Mesmer, a cassette of ambient pieces recorded in 1995, was issued by the Tapeworm in 2010. Fridge Trax Plus, a compilation of Pita's early collaborations with General Magic, appeared in 2015. He resumed releasing solo material with Get In (2016), and Get On arrived three years later. ~ Jason Birchmeier & Paul Simpson

    London, England
  • BORN
    June 29, 1968

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