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Sydney, Australia trio Phantastic Ferniture play a kind of raw indie pop with a loose, hazy, summery vibe. The group was formed in 2014 when singer/guitarist Julia Jacklin, a solo artist whose background was in folk, was out with her friends Elizabeth Hughes (guitar), Tom Stephens (bass), and Ryan K. Brennan (drums). Together they wanted to make happy, upbeat rock music, originally just as a joke for a one-off show they billed as their "Christmas Extravaganza First and Final Gig." They booked the gig for four months down the line in order to force themselves to write some material, but left it until the last minute and found themselves performing with just three songs — two of which were Mariah Carey covers. However, they got the crowd dancing and had a great time performing together, so they decided to carry on. Their debut single, the infectious "F****n' 'n' Rollin'," recorded with Brennan in the producer's chair, got local radio play, and was soon followed by "Gap Year," which caused a big buzz on music blogs around the world; all of this while signed to Jacklin's label Polyvinyl. In the run up to their debut full-length, Stephens stepped out to focus on his solo project, Tesse. Their eponymous debut album arrived in 2018, and saw release through Polyvinyl, Transgressive Records, and their own label, Make Out Records. ~ John D. Buchanan, Rovi

    Sydney, Australia

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