Petteri Sariola - Top Songs

The Clockwork
San Francisco Drive
I Sing Mmm
Projector (When She's Around)
The Impossible 2.0 (feat. Petteri Sariola & Adam "Nolly" Getgood)
Walking Through the Ruins of Doubt
Good Friend
Freedom Rag
Howling at the Moon
Golden Rule
How to Catch a Ghost
Running Man (feat. Petteri Sariola & Johanna Juhola)
When Christmas Comes (feat. Petteri Sariola)
Golden Rule (Vanilla Dream Remix)
Cage Bird (feat. Petteri Sariola)
Golden Rule
Deep Down (feat. Petteri Sariola)
True Beauty (feat. Petteri Sariola)
Happiness (feat. Petteri Sariola)
In Your Head (Acoustic) [feat. Petteri Sariola]
Dey Don't (Don't Dey) [feat. Petteri Sariola]
Somebody (feat. Petteri Sariola & Max Zenger)
Traveler (feat. Petteri Sariola)
Invisible (feat. Petteri Sariola)