Peter-Lukas Graf

About Peter-Lukas Graf

Peter-Lukas Graf has generally been regarded as among the finest flutists of his generation. He has also been hailed as a conductor, and his three publications on flute playing and interpretation have been indispensable to students and virtuosos across the globe. At the age of 21 Graf made a critically acclaimed recording of the Ibert Flute Concerto, which instantly gave him international notice. He served as the principal flutist with the Winterthur Symphony Orchestra (1951-1957), then played in the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, also leading the ensemble on occasion. He was appointed conductor at the Lucerne State Theater (1961-1967), leading many opera performances. He also freelanced with orchestras in Europe and gave occasional flute concerts. In 1973 Graf was appointed professor of music at the Basle Music Academy. In the coming years he would turn out a spate of highly praised recordings, including a number involving Mozart. ~ Robert Cummings

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