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The most prolific of the ambient house artists to emerge in the early 1990s, Pete Namlook’s early EPs were shrouded in mystery, with labels distinguished solely by a fax number. With a stable of co-conspirators, notably Dr. Atmo, DJ Criss, and Mixmaster Morris, Namlook released several 12” singles a week. Only about 500 copies of any given release ever emerged, quickly selling out, before the releases were compiled on CD. Pioneering the chill-out scene which swept club-land in the early '90s, many of the tracks took up to 10 minutes before a distinctive beat or rhythm appeared, with Namlook spending time building the atmospheric, neo-filmic soundscapes. Namlook has also recorded under his real name, Peter Kuhlmann.

    Frankfurt, Germany
  • BORN

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