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Pete Murray has long been one of Australia’s most reliably engaging singer/songwriters thanks to his sturdy blend of roots rock, acoustic folk-pop, and warmhearted balladry. Born in 1969 in Queensland, Murray was a competitive swimmer before finding his confidence as a writer and performer while in his 20s. After putting together a band and releasing his first album independently, he had his breakthrough with 2003’s Feeler, his debut for BMG. This album saw him apply the lessons he’d learned from heroes like Neil Young, Nick Drake, and Bob Dylan to his own thoughtful songwriting. Eminently strummable and hummable, early hits like “So Beautiful” and “Lines” made him one of the country’s most popular artists; he scored two more No. 1 albums in Australia with 2005’s See the Sun and 2008’s Summer at Eureka. On 2017’s Camacho, he expanded his sound to include more modern production styles and even danceable beats without sacrificing any of his rustic charm and authenticity.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
November 11, 1973