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Chicago power pop-punk band Pet Symmetry was initially formed as a side project by a trio of emo scene veterans seeking a more lighthearted musical outlet. Singer/bassist Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.), singer/guitarist Erik Czaja (Dowsing), and drummer Marcus Nuccio (What Gives) made their debut in the summer of 2013, delivering a handful of small-scale releases including a split single with Florida band Dikembe and the EPs Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs with Long Titles. and Five Songs on a Homemade Compact Disc. Their tongue-in-cheek songs and informal approach weren't necessarily meant for the long term, but the project was widely embraced by fans and two years later they added a full-length release to their growing catalog. Their Beach Boys-punning debut album, Pets Hounds, was released in 2015 by Asian Man Records and found Pet Symmetry in strong melodic form. They returned in the summer of 2017, this time on Polyvinyl Records, with their follow-up LP, Vision. ~ Timothy Monger

Chicago, IL

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