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The creative outlet for the unexplored ideas of former Starting Line vocalist, songwriter, and bassist Kenneth Vasoli (born in Churchville, PA, on May 20, 1984), Person L has been led -- so to speak -- by Vasoli and rounded out in membership by a rotating cast of side musicians. Inspired by alternative and underground names like Drive Like Jehu, Jim O'Rourke, and Sunny Day Real Estate, Vasoli was determined to fulfill some artistic desires that were overlooked in his previous band. As the leader -- and the only permanent member -- of Person L, Vasoli has been able to work without question or interference, including donating profits from the records to charity. The initial lineup for the project borrowed members of bands such as the Minor Times, Inkling, the Prize Fight, and the Suicide Pact. In order to make his work completely free of intervention even by a record company, Vasoli created his own label for the project, called Human Interest. Through that imprint he was able to release the Person L debut album, Initial, in August of 2008. ~ Chris True

Churchville, PA, United States of America

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