Pedro Luis Ferrer

About Pedro Luis Ferrer

Active in Cuban music since 1965, singer/guitarist/tres player/composer Pedro Luis Ferrer combines the influences of both classical and Cuban popular music in his guaracha-style songs, which usually address the everyday lives and struggles of the common people. Ferrer was born in the small Cuban town of Yanguaji and moved to Havana in 1965, hoping to get involved in the music scene. He played with Carlos Alfonso and Mike Porcella, the latter in a Cuban/rock fusion group called Los Dada. Over time, Ferrer built up an audience for his songs, which have since been recorded by artists including Celia Cruz, Danny Rivera, Papo Luca, and Willy Chirino. In 1999, Ferrer completed his first official U.S. release for Atlantic Records, titled simply Pedro Luis Ferrer. ~ Steve Huey

    Yanguaji, Cuba
  • BORN
    September 17, 1952

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