Pauline Oliveros

About Pauline Oliveros

A pioneering figure of American avant-garde music, composer/performer Pauline Oliveros was an innovator in the fields of electronic music, improvisation, and meditative sound -- a heightened state of sonic awareness that she termed "Deep Listening." During the early '60s, Oliveros co-founded the San Francisco Tape Center, an important early focal point of electronic and tape music, where she began her explorations into just intonation and electronics, altering the sound of her accordion using sophisticated signal processing setups of her own design. With her Deep Listening Band, she took a particular interest in performing and recording in heavily reverberant spaces such as cathedrals and caves. A tireless educator and activist, she promoted diversity and experimentation in the arts through her Pauline Oliveros Foundation. ~ Dave Shim

    Houston, TX
  • BORN
    May 30, 1932

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