Paul Mauled - Top Songs

Bad Teacher
True Face (feat. The Defendents)
Bad Chemistry (feat. The Defendents)
Graveyard Girlfriend
I Got Your Number
Banshee Beach
What Kind of Father Are You?
Pay to Suck (feat. The Defendents & Brian Muehe)
Vampire Pinup Girl
Zombie Holocaust (feat. Max Boras & Ethan Boras)
Jumping Around on Stage
I Got Your Number
One Shot
Harold Ramis Is Turning in His Grave
Makeup and Latex
The Monster Who Made Me
Dust Storms and Acid Rain
Grey Rainbows (feat. The Defendents)
Only in My Head (feat. The Defendents & Leonard Asaro)
Imposition (feat. The Defendents & Rob Benny)
Big Red Button (feat. The Defendents)
Til the Pulse Drops (feat. The Defendents)
Death from Above
Spineless Gutless
Letters (feat. The Defendents)
We Used to Be a Punk Band (Demo)
Still Nothing
MK Ultra
Tmz (feat. The Defendents)
Chainsaw Hand
Steal Your Heart (feat. The Defendents, Jim Catania & Chris Imparo)
Unhappy (feat. The Defendents)
Same as It Ever Was (Demo)
Ron Is Old
Glass Lips (feat. The Defendents)
Are You Crazy? (feat. The Defendents)
Mistakes (feat. The Defendents)
Nostalgia Wave (Demo)
Our Decomposition (Demo)
Santa Don't Bring Gifts to Assholes
Merry Christmas Assholes
Yap Yap Yap (feat. Max Boras, Ethan Boras & Sean Henry)
Night of the Living Debt
Steal Your Heart
Paranoiac (feat. Max Boras, Ethan Boras & MaryBeth)