Paul Buckberry - Top Songs

The Way Love Feels
To Generation X Y & Z (as far as I'm concerned)
Growing Up Growing Apart
A Sunny Winter’s Day (Arr. for String Quartet & Classical Guitar)
Zombie Years
Joe Blogs + Thesaurus = Theory
(Schizophrenic) Waiting For a Bus
Not Proud To Be an Australian
Say Yamos! Say Yamos Seguana!
Luckiest Man Alive
(Schizophrenic) Waiting for a Bus
When Things Balance
Triple 8 Triple 7 Double 6
Both Sides of the Fence
The Babbler's Lament
Pourin Out the Pub (The Busking Song)
Workers In the City
Nothing Like Me (Learn Your a B C)
Where the Edge of the World Meets the Start of the Sky
Tearz In My Earz
When Your Dreams Don't Come True
You Always Find Yourself On the Road