Patchwork - Top Songs

Comfortable (feat. AFTRHOURS & patchwork_)
In the Shadow of Death
The Destroyer
Fast Love
Lessons in Tragedy
Can't Keep a Good Dog Down
Full Circle
Let Go
Dead to Me
Life and Death
Exit Wounds
Blind to Fate
Florida Home
Ode to Palatka
Axamer Folio
Zwang und Zweifel
Gamble's Song (Waves Roll In)
...time was not passing... it was turning in a circle.
People Are Like Wildflowers
Buffalo Gals
Cripple Creek
It's My Party
Real True Home
Along the Navajo Trail
Your Presence Is My Favorite Gift
Leaning In the Doorway
Quickdraw McGraw
I Can't Stand to Ramble No More
He May Be Your Man...
These Memories
Moosh Makindi
Material World
Done and Dusted
Leave Me Alone
Big Dude Daddy
Back In the 60'S
Spinning Around
Don't Get Crazy
Don't Worry, I'm Here
What is the Color of the Soul of Man
Blue Skies and Teardrops
Mountain Lady
You Better Know What You're Doing
Rainin' Outside My Door
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere