About Paper Round Kid

Paper Round Kid is actually London, U.K., guitarist, singer, and songwriter Darren Filkins. In the late '80s, Filkins was the lead guitarist for Seymour, the band that eventually morphed into Blur, but he walked away from the band (and the music business) when he was only 19 years old to try his hand as a professional photographer. Although he did quite well in his new profession (he did official photo work for several musicians, including John Lydon, Usher, Wilco, Nick Hornby, Simon Pegg, and Lenny Kravitz), he never stopped writing new songs and found himself drawn once again to music. Filkins began recording material with guitarist Reid Savage and keyboard player Greg Mason, and with Savage producing, finished an album, Submarine, which was released by Chocolate Lab Records in 2008. ~ Steve Leggett

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