About Pallers

Swedish duo Pallers offer blissed-out indie electro sounds that belie their melancholy lyricism. Comprised of longtime friends Johan Angergård (veteran of indie pop acts Club 8, the Legends, and Acid House Kings) and Henrik Mårtensson, the two grew up in Åhus, home of the Pallers neighborhood from which the band name is derived. Though they attended the same school and ran in the same social circles, the pair’s musical relationship didn’t begin until 2008, when they headed to Spain to record the Humdrum EP. Released at the end of that year, Humdrum was praised for its rich instrumental tones and delicate vocals. Pallers once again let foreign vistas inspire their full-length debut, recording over the course of three years in Miami and Cape Town as well as destinations in Spain and Sweden. The result was The Sea of Memories, released on Labrador in fall 2011.

    Stockholm, Sweden

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