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Fusing elements of dark post-punk, spiky indie rock, and dream pop, Pale Honey emerged from Sweden with the Fiction EP in 2014. Then operating as a duo, they eventually added the producer of the EP and their first two albums to the lineup before releasing their third, Some Time, Alone, in 2020. Gothenburg-based Pale Honey was formed by the duo of singer/guitarist Tuva Lodmark and drummer Nelly Daltrey, who started playing together on different instruments in high school. While still learning guitar and drums, respectively, the songwriting team began touring Europe regularly after releasing the three-track Fiction EP in mid-2014. The pair collaborated again with Fiction EP producer Anders Legarfors on their full-length debut, Pale Honey, which arrived on Bolero Records the following year. The same label issued their sophomore album, Devotion, in 2017. Written by Lodmark and Daltrey between tours, it was produced, recorded, and mixed by Legarfors. When Pale Honey returned with the long-player Some Time, Alone in 2020, it was with Legarfors (guitar, electronics) -- already a member of their touring band -- on board as an official member. ~ Marcy Donelson

Gothenburg, Sweden