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Canadian world fusion ensemble Pacifika specialize in bright, melodic, Latin-tinged pop, all fronted by Peruvian-born, former West End Girls singer Silvana Kane's heartfelt and often multi-tracked vocals sung in Spanish, English, or French, depending on the song. The group was formed in 2004 in Vancouver, British Columbia by Kane and high-school friend and guitarist Adam Popowitz, with bassist and drummer Toby Peter joining two years later in 2006. All three were veterans of the Canadian music business, Kane with West End Girls, Popowitz with Mollies Revenge and Yve Adam, as well as being a producer, and Peter, a dub-influenced bassist born in Canada but raised in Barbados, with the fusion band Salvador Dream. Kane and Popowitz had already recorded and independently released a debut album, Unveiled, in 2004, when Peter saw one of the duo's live shows and approached them about expanding to a trio. The three then recorded a second album, Asunción, which featured the band's unique brand of global pop and secured them a deal with Six Degrees Records, which released it in 2008. Two more albums, 2010's Supermagique and 2014's Amor Planeta, followed from Six Degrees. ~ Steve Leggett

Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana

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