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Portuguese pop/rock band Pólo Norte made their album debut in 1995 and ascended to Top Ten success over time. Formed in 1992 in Belas, Portugal, the band is comprised of Miguel Gameiro (vocals), Tó Almeida (guitar), Marco Vieira (bass), João Gomes (keyboards), and Luís Varatojo (drums). Pólo Norte followed their 1995 album debut, Expedição, with Aprender a Ser Feliz in 1996 and Longe in 1999. The live album Pólo Norte ao Vivo (2000) reprised the highlights of their recording output to date, while subsequent albums Joga da Vida (2002) and Deixa o Mundo Girar (2005) found the band's popularity increasing with each successive release. Deixa o Mundo Girar proved especially popular, as it spawned the hit singles "Deixa o Mundo Girar," "A Dança," and "Pelé," all of which were included on telenovela soundtracks. On account of these hits, Deixa o Mundo Girar was reissued in 2007 with a bonus disc of live material. 15 Anos (2008) was then released in commemoration of the band's 15-year anniversary. It compiled a selection of greatest hits along with two new songs. ~ Jason Birchmeier

Belas, Portugal