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Owen is a solo project from multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Mike Kinsella, an important figure on the Chicago indie rock scene who is known for his work with Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owls, Their / They're / There, and American Football. Unlike most of his projects, where he only played drums, or American Football, where he collaborated with other songwriters, Owen showcased an unfiltered version of his creative vision, with music that was spare and hauntingly melodic despite the often downbeat nature of his lyrics. Steeped in indie folk influences and lo-fi philosophies, Owen made a distinctive debut with his self-titled debut in 2001. He showed a greater lyrical maturity and more ambitious use of the studio on 2009's New Leaves, while 2013's L'Ami du Peuple is regarded as a creative and conceptual high point for the project. Still active in multiple bands, Kinsella's tenth Owen album, The Avalanche, arrived in 2020.

United States of America