Otti Albietz
Otti Albietz

Otti Albietz

About Otti Albietz

Otti Albietz is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist troubadour, and wandering minstrel whose music borders everything from modern-day folk to psychedelic pop to indie rock. The itinerant spirit seems to have been part of his DNA all along. He was born in Malaga, Spain, and grew up traveling, first with his family and later alone, throughout Europe and Morocco.
Albietz eventually made his way to England in 2005. He spent five years there as lead singer in bands, most notably with State of Miasma and then Dusty Rosko; his recording debut, nextwave-heavysoul, occurred with the latter act.
Albietz tried his hand at solo recording in 2011, with the album 1 on the independent Big Village Records in 2011. He spent the remainder of the year touring and wandering Western Europe, re-experiencing the life of a wanderer. His second offering, Bubbytone II, was produced by Harvey Summers and released by BBE via Republic/Universal in the spring of 2013. ~ Thom Jurek

    Malaga, Spain

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