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What started as a little big band from Boston that played original arrangements of Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, and Thelonious Monk compositions grew exponentially. Led by drummer George Schuller, son of the renowned Gunther Schuller, OTB became more of a reflection of the downtown New York scene. They continued to perform provocative charts of well-known jazz pieces, but incorporated many of the original compositions of their rotating group members, who included Andy Laster, Matt Darriau, Dave Ballou, Chris Speed, Dave Douglas, and Andrew D'Angelo. The group also included folk melodies and rhythms from Africa, Brazil, and the Balkan countries into their repertoire, to create unique improvisational opportunities and a push-the-envelope world music stance that was unlike any other ensemble. They derived their name from the Mingus evergreen "Orange (Was the Color of Her Dress), Then (Silk) Blue." ~ Michael G. Nastos

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