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Rocky O'Reilly (guitar, keyboards, vocoder) and Shaun Robinson (vocals, drums) are the quirky electronic pop duo Oppenheimer. Formed in 2004, the Irish duo made quite a splash in England in 2005 when BBC Radio 1 DJ David Holmes championed their song "Breakfast in NYC." From there, Oppenheimer went on to perform shows alongside the Chalets and Architecture in Helsinki. A recording contract with Bar/None followed in September, and their self-titled effort arrived in Spring 2006. The 14-song pop gem included a performance by Ash's Tim Wheeler on the song "Orchid." After some time spent touring with They Might Be Giants, Oppenheimer released their second album, Take the Whole Midrange and Boost It, in 2008.

After spending most of 2009 touring with OK Go and the Presidents of the United States of America, Oppenheimer headed into the studio to record their next album. They only finished a handful of tracks before deciding to split up their partnership. The duo played its last show in December of 2009. O'Reilly next formed the band Malibu Shark Attack! but the Oppenheimer story wasn't finished. In 2012, Bar/None released This Racket Takes Its Toll, an album that contains the six songs the band finished during the sessions for the third album, plus three more songs done around the same time and a handful of B-sides and rarities. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

Belfast, Ireland
Nov 2004

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