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Opiuo is the performing name of New Zealand-born, Australia-based electronic artist and DJ Oscar Davey-Wraight. Known for his colorful mix of bass, glitch, and funk, Davey-Wraight began developing his sound just after university, using a loan from his parents to fund his early recording efforts. His debut EP, 2009's Physical Symptoms, quickly earned him some international recognition via San Francisco label Addictech, and before long he was gigging regularly and had followed up with a handful of singles and his debut full-length, 2010's Slurp and Giggle. What initially began as DJ sets of his own material over the next few years developed into a full live touring band as Opiuo continued to record new material, including a series of EPs called Butternut Slap and 2013's Meraki LP, each charting his evolution in electronic dance music. Basing himself out of Melbourne, Australia, he has also remixed tracks for artists like Infected Mushroom and Kaya Project. Opiuo returned in 2016 with Omniversal, his third full-length album. ~ Timothy Monger

Ngatimoti, New Zealand